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Ski Gear

** NOTE: Junior sizes are up to a 23cm size boot (U.S. Size 5) **
** A Ski 'Set' means a pair of skis including binding, boots and poles **
Days1234567891011121314Additional Day
Premium Ski Set6720103951459518375215252467527825309753412537275404254305044100451501575
Fats / Powder Ski Set6720103951459518375215252467527825309753412537275404254305044100451501575
Standard Ski set441084001207515225178502047522575246752625028350304503255033600346501050
Junior Ski Set35707140976512075136501522516800183751995021525231002467526250278251575
Premium Boots Set Upgrade5251050157521002625315036754200472552505775630068257350525
Premium Skis Only472594501365017430205802373026880300303318036330394804210543155442051575
Touring Skis incl Skins6600115501732521725261253052534925393254372548125525255692561325657254400
Fats/Powder Skis with Bindings472594501365017430205802373026880300303318036330394804210543155442051575
Standard Skis with Bindings399079801165515330179552047522575246752677528875309753202533075341251050
Junior Skis with Bindings32556615924011550131251470016275178501942521525225752415025725273001575
Standard Ski Boots only36757350945011550136501575017850199502205023100241502520026250273001050
Premium Ski Boots only36757350945011550136501575017850199502205023100241502520026250273001050

Snowboard Gear

** NOTE: Junior sizes are up to a 23cm size boot (U.S. Size 5) **
** A Snowboard 'Set' means BURTON boots, bindings and a snowboard.**
Days1234567891011121314Additional Day
Powder Board Set5775115501575019950241502730030450336003675039900430504620049350525003150
V-Rocker / Twin Board Set5250105001386017010196882236525043277203039833075353853769540005423152310
LTR Board Set5250105001386017010196882236525043277203039833075353853769540005423152310
Standard Board Set5250105001386017010196882236525043277203039833075353853769540005423152310
Junior Board Set5250105001386017010196882236525043277203039833075353853769540005423152310
Premium Board and Bindings472594501365016800199502310026250294003255035700388504095043050451502750
V-Rocker/Twin Board and bindings441089251176014910175882026522943256202793030240325503486037170394802310
LTR Board with Bindings441089251176014910175882026522943256202793030240325503486037170394802310
Standard Board with bindings441089251176014910175882026522943256202793030240325503486037170394802310
Junior Board with bindings441089251176014910175882026522943256202793030240325503486037170394802310
Hi-pro Bindings157531504200525063007350840094501050011550126001365014700157501050
Progression (lace up) Boots only36757350945011550136501575017850199502205023100241502520026250273001050
Speedzone (lock lace) Boots only420084001050012600147001680018900210002310025200262502730028350294001050

Splitboard Sets

*** NOTE: All of our split board rental kits include Viole skins and Spark R&D bindings. All splitboard rental bookings come inclusive with a spare parts/tool kit comprised of buckles, straps, screws and a Burton Bullet tool. We assign one of these kits per group or single booking. ***
Days12345Additional Day
Splitboard Set7150126501897525025310756050


Days1234567891011121314Additional Day
Goggles, gloves, helmet set25005000750010000125001500017500200002200024000260002800030000320002000
Wrist Guards10002000300040005000600070008000850090009500100001050011000500


Backcountry backpacks include a probe, shovel, 3 way beacon and survival sheet. Optional extras such as lunch are available from the ordering page.
Days12345Additional Day
Backpack (incl probe, shovel, survival sheet)550099001350017000200003000
Platypus (non returnable)25005000750010000125002500
Digital Beacon30005500800010500130002500
Tour Poles200035005000650080001500
Snow Shoes200035005250700087501750
Splitboard Crampons100020003000400050001000

Tuneup / Repairs

Hot Wax3000
Ski Edge and Wax3500
Snowboard Edge and Wax3500
Minor P-texing4500
Base Grind6500

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2017/18 Early Bird Campaign
Pre-season campaign.
Book online with Hakuba-rental and recieve the following bonuses

-10% Off Hakuba Car rental
-complimentary beer at The Fish Republik (when dining in)
-complimentary pair of Berghaus socks (Valued at AU$35)

[Stipulations: minimum 5 days rental, prepaid online booking.]
207/18 Early Bird Campaign