Online booking

Individual, Family or Group this is a simple system

Begin with your rental date parameters.

Within a group booking people can pay individually just follow the prompts it will become self explanatory.

Upon reservation and receipt of payment we send you a confirmation email (in busy times this sometimes takes 36 hours - it is not an automated response)
Please remember to fill in your pick-up time and place for your ski gear professional fitting.


Entering dates for your booking - the first day of riding and the last. You are NOT charged rental for a fitting day if the previous afternoon.

Individual specific duration adjustments may be made within that individuals "specific details" window.

Changing dates here after creating a group will adjust all members booking dates so be certain to set group parameter correctly to begin with.

Start Date:End Date:Total Days:

Group details

Enter the number of people in your group here. People can still be added or removed after creating your group.
Names can be repeated, but dates are set per person, so count people twice if they are changing equipment.
e.g. Sally Morgan- Standard Ski Set, Jan 12-14, and "another" Sally Morgan- Cruzer snowboard set Jan 15-18. Although perhaps enetered as persons number 3 & 4 we will read this as one person changing equipment mid-week.

Number of people:

Enter the names of your group members here.

Entering a person's email address will send a notification and login details to them to allow them to enter their own sizes and details.
Email addresses aren't required if you aren't inviting the person - please don't enter the same email address for multiple people.
Only the first person's details are required to make a booking.

HOTMAIL USERS - We are experiencing difficulties with delivery to hotmail address although we receive your order and communications. We are working to resolve the issue, but if possible it would be appreciated if you used an alternate address.

If you have a promotional code to use for this group, please enter it here.
(Note that the discount price will be subtracted from the group total at the bottom - individual items will be shown at full price.)
Promo Code:

Person's details

Physical details

Height(cm): cm
Weight(kg): kg
Boot Size: (US size)
Person specific Comment/Instructions:

Home/Billing Address details

Use the same as:
Building and No.:
Street Address:
Postal/Zip Code:
Phone Number:

Person's Gear

Booked Items: (Changes to these items can only be requested in the 'My Account' section)

Click icon to add: (Mouse over icon for description)

Ski Set
Ski Type: Ski Size:
Ski Boots Type:
Pole Length:
Skis Only
Ski Type: Ski Size:
Pole Length:
Ski Boots
Ski Boots Type:
Snowboard Set
Snowboard: Snowboard Size:
Snowboard Bindings: Binding Stance:
Front Angle: Rear Angle:
Snowboard Boots:
Snowboard with Bindings

Snowboard: Snowboard Size:
Snowboard Bindings: Binding Stance:
Front Angle: Rear Angle:
Snowboard Boots

Snowboard Boots:
Jacket Size:
Pants Size:
Goggles, gloves and helmet
Glove Size:
Goggle Size:
Helmet Size:
Glove Size:
Goggle Size:
Helmet Size:
Wrist Guards
Wrist Guard Size:
 Backpack includes probe, shovel, blanket and beacon
Snow Shoes
 Snow Shoes
 Spark R&D Splitboard Crampons
Split Board Set

Splitboard Size:

Binding Stance:
Front Angle: Rear Angle:
Tour Poles
 Black Diamond adjustable poles

Reserve a fitting

Our professional fitting entails

  • us picking you up
  • professionally fitting your gear and double checking what you think may be correct for Hakuba conditions at that time
  • dropping you off with your equipment.

Depending on the time allocation of your fitting the drop off can be flexible e.g. evening drop off at Shopping center, restaurant etc. thereafter we will take your gear back to your hotel and place it in the drying room. We try and make your holiday easier. Enter a date and time for your fitting here. We recommend a fitting the evening before.

Fitting date: Time:Pickup From:Drop off at:

Note that we will have to confirm fitting times with you on receipt of you order.

Payment selection

There can be multiple payments per group. Select the people you wish to pay for to proceed to the confirmation page. All required details need to be completed before proceeding.

Detail Confirmation(You can still return to make changes)
2017/18 Early Bird Campaign
Pre-season campaign.
Book online with Hakuba-rental and recieve the following bonuses

-10% Off Hakuba Car rental
-complimentary beer at The Fish Republik (when dining in)
-complimentary pair of Berghaus socks (Valued at AU$35)

[Stipulations: minimum 5 days rental, prepaid online booking.]
207/18 Early Bird Campaign