Frequently Asked Questions

What is the damages policy?

Whilst we brag in town about the best equipment, make no mistake we will be ruthless in charging you for any negligent behavior. The boarding Co equipment is not for use on rails, boxes, and parks without explicit prior consent. Any consequent damage to our equipment for use in these arenas and the customer will be charged for full replacement costs. The use of skis and boots is confined strictly to the use on ski fields. Again riding our gear on road sides (asphalt) causes considerable base damage and we will charge for this. Be WARNED.

Can I change between snowboards and skis?

Yes but you are limited to one changeout any subsequent changeout is possible at a ¥2000 service fee.

I have a reservation with a ski school and they have advised us that we can receive a discount upon booking ski/snowboard rentals with you. Is this correct?

We used to do this for all customers but this policy has stopped. You are best to deal directly with the ski schools in this situation.

What is your insurance policy on all equipment?

We have an optional insurance policy of 1000 yen/person which covers you for loss or damage to your equipment to the value of 35 000yen. Any damages or losses beyond this amount will incurred further charges.
Equipment that is used negligently (eg. Riding on roads) will not be covered via insurance.

Due to un-expected circumstances we are returning immediately, what is your cancellation policy?

Pre-booked and paid rentals cancelled up to 1 week prior you will be billed 20% of your total booking plus transfer charges. Within 7 days of your rental period you will lose 40% of your booking plus transfer fees.

During a rental if you notify us before 4.30pm you will be charged to the end of the following day. Later than 4.30pm you will incurr a further two days charge.

Can I change out my equipment during my rental period?

Yes applicable for 5 days and longer rentals. (Subject to availability) Please call or email our rental staff before 4.30pm to have this solved within the same day. Rental shop (0261)-85-2046 you are permitted to change your equipment out once free of charge if you are switching to equipment within the same catagory eg. standard ski or snowboard and you would like to change the length to a different standard ski or snowboard.. - if you have a standard ski set and would like to upgrade to a premium set of skis (eg. Fats, Twin Tips) we are happy to change you out but you will be responsible for paying the difference in rate for the number of days ridden (understand we cannot upgrade you to a higher rate charge FOC) - premium downgrading to a standard is permissible but we do not offer a refund for the change in rates (we apologise) - please note that if you require more than one change out during your rental duration there is a surcharge for delivery and fitting of 1000yen and we are happy to do it.

I am a bit confused about the different categories you have listed in your rentals could you please clarify.

Set implies you will receive boots , poles aswell as the skis you order.
If it is not a set then it will be that product only eg boots only or skis only. Sometimes people have their own boots and would just like to rent a powder ski etc.

Premium skis are more expensive and performance orientated than a standard rental ski, an intermediary skier would not notice the performance difference.
Fats and powder ski is a wider ski designed for floating on powder and recommended for advanced experienced powder ski fiends.
Touring skis have a heal lift mechanism for touring in the backcountry.

Likewise for snowboards a set means you receive bindings board and boots.

V -rocker refers to the bottom shap of the board and is good for jibbing and spinning on the groomed.
Powder boards are specifically shaped for riding in deep powder.
LTR board stands for "Learn To Ride" and is shaped to enable slightly more forgiving features for the beginner snowboarder. (less edge catch to prevent flipping and a softer flex)
Hi=pro bindings refers to cutting edge binding systems (NOW BINDINGS) that enable performance characteristic higher than a standard rental issue binding, again for a beginner it would not make a difference.

I hope this helps.

If I rent from are there any other perks we become entitled to?

Hakuba-Car-Rental 10% Off
Retail ski gear and snowboard purchases The Boarding Co10% Off (5% for credit card purchases)
Complimentary Beer with a meal at the Fish Republik a great Fish and Chips and Roast Chicken restaurant near hakuba station (check Hakuba connect Map).

Can anyone rent backcountry gear?

The Boarding Co reserves the right to refuse backcountry rentals to any customer due to unforeseen circumstances. Lack of education towards heading backcountry or in-experienced customers without an approved guide could well come within those "unforeseen circumstances".

Just what is Magne Traction and how can it help with my equipment? What does it do?

What was once a straight smooth curve down the edge of your snowboard or skis - Lib Tech have added a ripple "bread-knife" styled edge at 7 points along the length of that edge. Effectively it gives a board edge X and Y "grab" and enables riding bullet proof ice or corn snow a lot more controllable that a standard smooth edged board. When riding in deep Pow - less sideways drift.

Powder Touring skis are revolutionized by Magne traction 140mm width underfoot just got a damn sight easier if that bowl you dropped into was dust on crust.

What equipment do you have featuring Magne Traction?

2017/18 season we have a full range of Lib Tech Skis featuring this technology (the first shop in Japan to do so). We also have a collection of Travis Rice Splitboards featuring magne traction. As well as a range of Jones Snowboards featuring mild Magne Traction (4 contact magne points instead of 7).

2017/18 Early Bird Campaign
Pre-season campaign.
Book online with Hakuba-rental and recieve the following bonuses

-10% Off Hakuba Car rental
-complimentary beer at The Fish Republik (when dining in)
-complimentary pair of Berghaus socks (Valued at AU$35)

[Stipulations: minimum 5 days rental, prepaid online booking.]
207/18 Early Bird Campaign